fiberWe offer our customers a 100% pass rate guarantee on every fiber jumper we sell. We understand the critical role optical jumpers play in any WAN/LAN network and we test each connector on an interferometer to ensure outstanding geometric tolerance.

All of our single mode cable is B.I.F. (bend insensitive fiber) G 657-A, which is fully backward compatible and future proofed, it out performs any standard patch, especially where accidental tight bends may be a concern in any installation in a central office, fiber trough or a high density optical network terminal.

You will also notice a difference in or cable jacketing, it is extremely pliable and easy to work with, this is another high quality feature we build into every jumper. Technicians will immediately notice the ease that our jumpers roll out, and will not retain their coil or tangle easily. Thus, making installation and dressing much easier than with any generic patch.

All of our fiber patch cords are fabricated under in a climate controlled, dust free environment and tested in a “clean room.” Every connector is individually tested, not “batch” tested. “Batch” testing inherently allows for a pre-determined amount of failures, this is unacceptable to us, and these failures do not belong in your network! All of our Fiber Assemblies and Patch Cords are made with Corning equivalent connectors and glass. We provide connector types: SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, & MT-RJ. We offer Single mode and Multi mode, APC or UPC, choice of jacket size, simplex or duplex, armored, plenum or non plenum; whatever your needs are we can meet them.